Wicked Twisted Bar And Grill nasty and overpriced

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on 9/8/2012 we thought we would try a brand new restaurant in manchester,nh they charge over 11 bucks for a burger they are trying to pass off as fresh sirlion it is not it is run of the mill frozen garbage, the place looks tacky,there fries were also listed as fresh cut they are frozen,the owner should fire the cook because he does not know his *** from his elbow you order medium and it gets cooked past well done do your selves a favor do not waste your time or money going to this establishment, on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the best i would rate negative -4 for food,price,and service the waitresses seem to all have attitude problems 2 burgers and 2 cokes it cost 33.00 what a rip off the food at mcdonalds is better tasting than what this place calls food,there food is lousy,greasy as ***,and overpriced, i do not for see this establishment lasting in business for more than four months

Review about: Nasty.



:( :( :( :( ate at wicked twisted in manchester friday 9/28/12 today i am @ cmc with food poisoning,these guys are trying to kill the 5 customers they have,got to puke again thanks for poisoning me wicked twisted *** hole,bacteria laden sewer. :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh



The state's room and meal tax is 9%. The burger was $11.99 before the tax. This establishment was on its second night of opening with just 4 people in the place.


Tried the new restaurant in Manchester, NH.All I can say is that I am not going back.

The prices are way to high. The establishment looks like a *** antique shop ( alot of black and white pictures, old tables and carpet). The cheapest thing I found on the menu was for $5.99 and that was a Garden Salad. Their Buffalo Bleu Burger that I tried was $11.99 (I could have made this at home for $3.00).

Their soda is $1.89 for a 16oz (I could have gone to the store and paid $0.99).

What annoyed me the very most was no silverware or napkins and when I was chomping on my food, the waitress and owner coming up to me and asking if anything else was needed and how everything was.:sigh :sigh :sigh


Whenever you choose to try a new place, you run a risk.It could just have been a bad night.

Did the fries and the cokes come in the price? Then there would be sales tax, and where I live the sales tax is higher in restaurants than in stores, because there is a B&B tax figured in the tax rate.

Where I live a plain hamburger ranges in price from $8.00, on up, depending on where you are eating.Of course you usually get a better deal at the family style restaurants and then there is fast food.

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